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URSULA stands for Unified Rating System, Universal Lifecycle Assessment

URSULA is a business intelligence system that provides a way to weight, harmonize and reuse different data sets, enabling that data to communicate, link up and form meaningful relationships with one another in ways never possible before.

URSULA allows data from different systems to communicate with and relate to one another. Using a standard of universal global sustainability enables us to do an "apples-to-apples" comparison of all kinds of data, whether it reflects social, economic, environmental, legal, technological or political elements of nature and humanity.

This process gives us a meaningful, easy to understand and unified rating and score. By understanding and living by these values, we reinforce the value of that which sustains the earth, so it may sustain us.

We enroll a global community to calculate all data in relation to these objectives, so that our ratings and scores are meaningful in relationship to our vision.

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What if we had a way of really knowing the true price of anything in relation to a standard of universal sustainability that serves all?

What do we mean by true price?

When we think about price, we usually think about the market price or the price at the marketplace. But does this price reflect the true cost?

We often ask ourselves "is this worth paying for?" In other words, is what we give for something worth what we are getting from it?

The answer to that question lies in what standard sets the market price. The market price today is based on a standard that does not account for "hidden" environmental, social or other important costs. For example, the standard that sets the market price for a gallon of gas ignores the cost of the depleting effects of pollution, the expense of military interventions and the consequences of climate change.

In order to reflect reality, we need a standard that serves all. By tying our scoring, rating and pricing to our Three Objectives: creating climate balance, a fundamental condition for life as we know it today; restoring the earth, and its inherent ability to sustain and enrich life, which is the essential condition for a prosperous humanity; and uplifting humanity to share in universal peace, equality and abundance, the vital criteria for humans to reach their full potential, and inviting a worldwide open community to help us define the highest standards of achieving those objectives, we can create a standard based in reality that can adapt as we discover new and different ways of serving those objectives.

URSULA's unique Unified Rating System, Universal Lifecycle Assessment, is able to give us true scores and ratings against global sustainability that can in turn inform true prices.

What if we knew the true price of:

  • Society: the way we live and interact with others, locally and globally
  • The law: the way we exercise our local autonomy and personal sovereignty
  • The body politic: how we as a community make decisions and share resources
  • Technology: how and why we develop new ideas
  • The environment: our impact upon and support of natural systems
  • The economy: how we exchange goods and services

Imagine if we lived as if everything was based on a standard that served all.

What would that be worth?

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Why We Need URSULA

The crux of the challenge we face in helping the rapid emergence of a sustainable global society is the lack of a global standard of value tied to these aims.

Only URSULA approaches the problem in this unique manner:
  • Recognizing that the Earth's underlying natural wealth is the source and origin of all life
  • Acknowledging that our human potential is intimately tied to this natural wealth
  • Creating a simple, holistic and dynamic process for measuring all human and natural activity against our limited natural wealth and unlimited human potential
  • Determining a score and rating on those activities which serve or detract from that wealth and potential, based on a global community standard
  • Leveraging that standard as a way to truly value real wealth and potential—so the world may take action on it now

For more information on how we derived URSULA, please visit How does it work?.

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Our Founding Principles

URSULA believes that worthy dreams may be achieved by worthy means, which has inspired the creation of a community of users operating on the founding principles that make URSULA's vision possible:
  • Fairness and openness
  • Accountability to the laws of nature
  • Accountability to the laws of reason
  • Recognition of the merit of the wise and understanding
  • Accountability to serving the higher purpose vision and mission
  • Adaptability to change




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