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URSULA is a business intelligence system that provides a way to weight, harmonize and reuse different data sets, enabling that data to communicate, link up and form meaningful relationships with one another in ways never possible before.

URSULA invites experts from all fields to lend their knowledge and expertise.  Data harmonization and standardization for reuse begins by forming online communities with specialized interests to establish agreed ranges and weightings for data sets, as well as contributing information on factors to be considered for any subject to be measured.

Become Part of the URSULA Experts Network
If you are a qualified academic, industrial, trade or professional expert in almost any field, URSULA can benefit from your knowledge, and you can benefit from the insights of your peers within and outside your field of expertise. We invite you to apply to join our Experts Network.

As a member of this eminent group you will be able to influence the priorities of the URSULA project by contributing or referencing data sources; reviewing and voting on the relative weighting and ranges of key performance indicators in your field; and participating in internal discussions on subjects of importance to building a robust genealogy of sustainability, valuation reference and research library.

As the system becomes more robust, experts are best positioned to leverage one another’s input and knowledge to pursue your own goals with respect to sustainability.  In the long term, the imprint of your opinions, knowledge and ideas enhances the system and benefits future users. 

Experts Network members will receive invitations to special URSULA events online and will be the first to access new services offered by URSULA. If you would like to apply for membership in the URSULA Experts Network, please contact us at:


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